Recently travel has become something more than simply heading to a destination and relaxing – although it is still much of that! But imagine travel where leisure can be so much more than vacationers simply consuming a community’s resources, or locals only desiring tourism in order to boost their community’s economy.

Wouldn’t it be a better world if we approached one another with a completely different mindset – one of helping, connecting, co-creating – working alongside one another to carve out an even more beautiful space, one with greater longevity because of the communal love and care poured into that city or town by locals and visitors alike?

Now imagine tourists choosing not just to see a city and visit its attractions, but to experience the unique life of that city. Tourists engage in the everyday, authentic life of the locals and those mundane activities become the adventure simply because they are new experiences for the tourist. In the same way, residents of a city can more deeply experience their own city by acting like tourists – taking part in tours or visiting famous places in their hometown. This creates a merging of locals and city tourists, changing and enriching the identity of the city. This is the new tourism. This is untourism.

What kind of traveler are you?


noun /ikˈsplôrər/ a person who explores an unfamiliar area; an adventurer


You long to travel anywhere and everywhere, see the sights, experience new things, and find new adventures. You seek not just the adventure and fresh sights, but the experience of inner transformation that only travel can give you.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

– Saint Augustine


noun /kənˈtrɪb.jə.t̬ər/ a person who contributes something, especially money, in order to provide or achieve something together with other people


You travel because of an intense desire to bring positive change wherever you go, such as partnering with a community to assist their environmental or humanitarian efforts. Travel to a new place involves connecting with people and learning about their way of life – contributing to the locals and their city while having fun!


”A mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes


noun /kəʊkriːˈeɪtər/ a person who creates something jointly with other people


You love the challenge of making connections with others and bringing different ideas together to make something new. It is in the creative process that you come alive and get energized. Going to new places for you means getting your hands dirty – building, planting, cleaning up, creating community art – making lasting and valuable change everywhere you go!


“The world offers itself to your imagination.”

– Mary Oliver

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The Untourist Guide to Barrie or UTB is a themed travel guide with a purpose and specific goal. 

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 Many of today’s travellers want to make a difference with their money, even on their time off! 

 Whether it is choosing an organic or farm to table restaurant to eat at instead of mass production restaurant. Or exploring the history and significance of the place and people they are visiting.  

 Or wanting to get their hands dirty while they experience a day on an organic farm or spending time planting trees to contribute to our planet’s ecosystem and our breathing space!  

 Or perhaps they crave to create something themselves, perhaps learning how to make the perfect cafe au lait using locally roasted coffee? Or to learn how to make a signature dish or sauce using local ingredients?  

 Do you have an event, class, or experience which you offer that allows for an immersive style experience in the areas of: contributing, exploring or co-creating with Barrie? 

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